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Evi, iOS & Android App

Van Lanschot


The Evi Van Lanschot app

Evi van Lanschot specialises in providing online investment solutions, in which traditional investments are combined with modern technologies. Because clients want convenient access to their investments at any time and place, MOBGEN and private bank Van Lanschot have developed a mobile platform for the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, and smartphone apps. With the Evi van Lanschot app, MOBGEN and Van Lanschot have created a valuable tool for their clients to provide insights and control over their assets anywhere and at any time.






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Access all your investment accounts wherever and whenever you want


With the Evi Van Lanschot application, Evi customers have always access to their account and are able to view their entire investment portfolio at a glance on the dashboard. Direct insight into the value of all assets, in which classes is invested (equities, commodities, bonds, etc.), and how assets are spread over different regions. In addition, customers also have access to expert information regarding investments, such as the development of their assets and revenue. Users can easily retrieve detailed in-depth fund reports, which will be made available through the application. Besides giving access to personal investment portfolios, the application is modular designed and build, so that additional services and functionalities can easily be integrated.


– Access all your investment accounts wherever and whenever you want

– Consult your portfolio 24/7

– Monitor the performance and the development of your assets

– Analyze how your assets are invested and spread across the various asset classes

– Read about the funds in which you invest

– Consult your personal archive of all relevant correspondence

– Make purchase and sales transactions


The objective of the development of this application was to create a channel that directly interacts with Van Lanschot’s clients, and to enrich the current service.
In order to successfully implement this strategy, the ways people process information have been taken into account during the development of the interaction design. Information has to be easily available in a comprehensible way. In addition, the structure is designed so that future features/services (via a new tab) can be easily integrated.

Besides the interaction design, the data service is also fully optimised for mobile by rewriting the entire web data feed. This means that all personal data can be easily presented in real time without performance loss, which benefits the accuracy and transparency of information.

Managing Director of EVI, Andries van Luijk: “Private banking clients are eager and sophisticated users of mobile devices, especially when it comes to financial matters. Therefore, mobile has become a ‘Must Have’ for servicing our customers.”



80% of Evi van Lanschot’s client base are using the app. The biggest part of traffic that is generated comes from mobile.

App store reviews.

by Heartland1976

Looks great; well thought out UI.
Lovely app to have.

Top app!
by Paulheijm

What a surprice! A goo overview, clear statistics, quick login with Touch ID, what more could you want!! Rabobank has a lot of learning! Keep it up!!

Great app on mobile!
by BertB2

Pretty convenient app from Evi. Happy with it. Now always and anywhere insight of my portfolio.