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Accenture Innovation Summit 2017

The Accenture Innovation Summit is an event which brings together all the very best Dutch innovators, influencers and corporates. At the 11th edition of the Innovation Summit, we experienced inspiring levels of creativity and transformation. Of course, the Summit is also the home of the prestigious Accenture Innovation Awards, where we got to see some amazing projects leading the new. Well done to all the winners!

This year’s program was one which did not disappoint. With interesting activities in every direction, we were spoiled for choice. Attendees had the opportunity to discover various innovators in the exhibition playground throughout the day, whilst also joining in a vast range of different sessions including insightful round tables, stage talks and pitches. Visitors are invited to watch, feel and experience all the latest game-changing innovations, and that’s exactly what we did.



What did we get up to?

We started off the day with a bang as we were greeted by AIA personnel at the station and took some awesome electric BMW and Tesla taxis to De Fabrique, where the event was held. Upon arrival, we proceeded to prepare the kick-ass MOBGEN:Lab booth and get stuck into our first round table session. Despite getting the day off to a good start, the Opening Ceremony felt like the real kick-off of the day. With outstanding visuals and some truly inspiring introductory speeches by Pep Rosenfeld, Manon van Beek and Omar Abbosh, we were well and truly into the spirit of the day by noon!

Not only did we attend the event with our very own MOBGEN:Lab and Accenture Interactive booth, demoing projects such as SMARTIFY and FLUXFX, but we also lead a variety of interviews and sessions throughout the day. Our round table topics were centered upon Chatbots, Connected Car and FinTech, which all went incredibly well and it was really enjoyable to engage with others about topics which we are passionate about. In a similar vein, we also lead a DeepDive about Service Design and Rapid Prototyping, which attracted a nice audience and some positive feedback following the talk.



Who was there?

Alongside us at the event were many impressive attendees from both corporate and startup landscapes. Some examples of attendees were Shell, Tesla, RoboValley, Oracle, Somnox, and Salesforce. This variety allowed us to experience all the very best in modern technology from the future of Virtual Reality to IoT and Drones.

We had a lot of fun hopping into the self-driving, sleek Tesla standing at the Innovation Playground and having a cuddle with Somnox, the world’s first natural soft robot who helps you sleep. While at the event, we also bumped into some old friends in the industry and got to spend some time with some of our clients and partners. It was such a fantastic way to bring everyone together in one place to catch up and learn more about each other’s innovations and projects by really immersing ourselves in the field of innovation and creativity in a broad sense.

“The thing is: everything that was science fiction, is now a reality. Thanks to innovation. The core is: there is a logarithmic cost reduction going on, that enables disruption. It’s not only Google Maps kills TomTom kind of big bang innovation, but it’s also compressive disruption: not having the resources to invest in a pivot to get from the old to the new.”

Omar Abbosh
Strategy Global Director of Accenture

We had a really great time at #AIA17 and we cannot wait to do it all again next year! For a glimpse into the event take a look at the official aftermovie here, and if you’d like to know more about the demos we presented at the MOBGEN:Lab booth, get in touch!


Global Gold Smarties Winners 2017

MOBGEN (part of Accenture Interactive) is proud to have won a Gold MMA Smarties Global Award at the Gala in NYC, on September 25, 2017. Our Connected Car collaboration with Shell was awarded best Global Mobile Payments/Commerce, a fantastic achievement.

Connected Car is about bringing vehicle-optimised Shell services to the InControl infotainment system in Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) passenger cars. To take advantage of this feature, all the user needs to do is download the Shell app to their smartphone and sync it with their JLR dashboard. The Shell app is available in 50 countries globally and includes high quality functionalities such as Station Locator, Loyalty programme, Fill Up & Go and Shell Drive.

The Retail Fuel World hasn’t seen any major innovations in the last 50 years, and Shell aims to change that. In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is literally available at the tip of our fingers, our customers’ main struggle is the waiting time at service stations. Shell intends to revolutionise the payment system by providing a simple, efficient, and more convenient service – a Digital Drive-Thru.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 13.00.24

This is not the first time the MOBGEN Shell innovation received an MMA Smarties award. Last year we were presented with an EALA Award for Best App and also the UK Award for Best Mobile Payments. In February 2017, the Shell app was also recognised with a 2017 GLOMO Award in the ‘Best Use of Mobile for Retail, Brands & Commerce’ category at Mobile World Congress 2017.

All of these services are built and designed, together with MOBGEN, with the end user in mind. Click here to learn more about this fantastic innovation.

“We are always delighted to see our ‘Shell App’ programme being recognised externally. The latest feature which enabled us to work with Jaguar Land Rover to make payment happen from the dashboard of the car was the result in our focus to keep improving the customer experience. We aim to make the most mundane tasks become simple and engaging. We now see that those paying for fuel from the dashboard love it and become some of our most loyal customers.”

Stuart Blyde
Connected Car and Innovations – Shell

“We are extremely proud with this continuous recognition in today’s markets. The Connected Car solution is a clear example of how we can help making our customers stronger in their markets by directly impacting the end user experience in the most positive way imaginable. Our close partnership with Shell enables us to deliver an optimal customer experience through mobile channels.”

Ron Vrijmoet
CEO & Founder – MOBGEN


Shell have recently revealed a new fuel delivery service for their customers called Shell TapUp. Customers can order fuel via the TapUp app, designed and developed by MOBGEN, part of Accenture digital. The fuel is then delivered by a specialist Shell vehicle.

Shell TapUp is a genuine response to customer needs across multiple markets and focuses predominantly on the changing Retail demands regarding online shopper experience and on-demand home delivery services. Convenience for the customer is key in this service. Customers can order their fuel via the TapUp app and request where and when they need the refuel.

Ron Vrijmoet, Founder and Managing Director of MOBGEN: “We are proud to be part of this new digital solution for Shell customers. We always strive to add real value to the customer needs and with the Shell TapUp app we’ve delivered a new innovative mobile tool. We’re looking forward to the response of customers and opportunity to further build this new service”.

To utilize this service, customers will be able to download the dedicated Shell TapUp app, which allows them to choose where and when they would like their car to be refueled. You are then able to receive a full tank of fuel swiftly, at your direct location. Following this, a Shell TapUp service employee will come to your car at the appointed time, which can also be whilst the customer is not there.

Shell TapUp starts as a pilot in the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands. Car owners in this area can order via the app Shell FuelSave Euro 95 and Shell FuelSave Diesel. The delivery is then completed via a new, compact, electrically driven vehicle which has recently been developed and is able to fill up around ten cars.


MOBGEN at the Torre de Hercules Run

Every year for the last six years, the Torre de Hércules run takes place in A Coruña. MOBGEN signed up – for the third time in a row – without hesitation. Torre de Hercules is an incredible 7km night run which starts with the last rays of light and finishes at night, right after sunset.

First, the lower categories ran a shorter version of the adult circuit during the afternoon. After this, the time had come for the senior participants and, of course, for our company representatives. The race started at 21:00 for around 1,300 runners, who enjoyed the technical and tough circuit across the streets of A Coruña, including 18 mobgenners. Climbs were present, but not enough reason to slow down the pace since everyone wanted to reach the final metres. The Torre de Hércules lighthouse – the oldest Roman lighthouse in use today across the world – was waiting at the finish line.

In the end, Martin Reigosa – Android developer for more than one year in MOBGEN – was the fastest man with an average time of 4:10 per km, closely followed by our senior backend guys Martin Suárez and Adrián López. An awesome pace that even allowed him to be one of the first 200 in finishing the run!

After the run, everyone changed out of their MOBGEN Part of Accenture Digital branded t-shirts and dressed up to have dinner together. Activities like this one not only increase physical and emotional well-being but also create friendly competitiveness that will result in better performance in daily work activities.

Studies have shown that running, and physical exercise in general, can help stimulate employee’s brains and develop multiple skills that can be applied to their work environments. Endorphins released during physical activity can help you feel happy, relaxed and brimming with higher focus and concentration at work.

Big applause to all the MOBGEN runners. Everybody enjoyed the moment and now cannot wait for the next run. If you are reading this don’t doubt your capabilities, find a local run to join with your colleagues. You and your company can take advantage of these exciting experiences and each moment will be worth it.


Astutia – Be a part of our journey

The Nickel Studio team based in MOBGEN’s Malaga office have worked tirelessly in a six month project to create an awesome mobile app named Astutia.


The Astutia app is a mobile game, inspired by the classic board game Diplomacy, which is set in the midst of WWI. To win the game, you must conquer other player’s territories. The fun part, is that each one of your opponents can be either your ally, or your enemy. The only way to differentiate between them is by using your instinct.


Astutia was born from the team’s love for board games. This paired with their passion for technology, inspired them to bring the game to life in the contemporary world. The core aim of this project was to bring people closer through board games. This meant that creating a mobile app was ideal, as they allow for easy and modern interactions through a universally popular solution, your mobile phone.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 22.18.50

The game itself encompasses some fantastic variations of the original gameplay, with intuitive menus, stunning graphics, alongside descriptive tutorials and game interface. At the moment, we are working to establish an online presence and promote the game, which is going to be later published on Kickstarter, the global crowdfunding platform focussed on creativity.


Crowdfunding is the act of funding a project by raising money from a large number of people. These people each contribute any amount that they wish to, no matter how big or small, and the common practice for this is via the internet. Choosing this approach for Astutia was mainly due to the fact that crowdfunding is a great tool for validation. There’s no better way to discover demand for your project, and can help you decide whether or not the investment is worthwhile.


In addition, crowdfunding also allows you to receive large amounts of feedback about your product or service. This can be used to improve your project and help in its growth. When choosing crowdfunding, we agreed that Kickstarter was the appropriate platform for Astutia because of the following reasons:


  • Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, such as games.
  • Astutia will benefit from engaging Kickstarter’s existing community of users who support similar projects, as well as their own.
  • The Kickstarter platform is not investment based like Seeders or loan based like Funding Circle. This means the project creators keep 100% ownership of their work.
  • When someone backs a Kickstarter campaign they get a reward, which is dependent on how much they pledge. The rewards Astutia gives away will be exclusive to the Kickstarter backers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 22.19.05

MOBGEN supports the Astutia team’s Kickstarter campaign as a way to reach potential backers for the project and also, as a simple tool for us to validate the project. Should Astutia receive a large number of backers, this will bring clarity to whether or not there is an interest for the game, and how we shall proceed thereafter.


We see value in having the Astutia project on Kickstarter as we can give backers exclusive premium features, and have an audience of gamers, ready to play the game as soon as it goes live. Throughout the Kickstarter campaign there will be feedback and questions about the game from potential backers. This will help the team understand how their audience think and review the game.


We would be thrilled if you could become a part of our Astutia journey, which is now live on Twitter and Facebook. More updates will be coming soon.


MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA; February 27, 2017 – MOBGEN, part of Accenture Digital, together with Shell and Jaguar Land Rover, will exhibit the world’s first in-car payments system using the Shell app and a Jaguar, at Mobile World Congress 2017.

This new innovation allows Jaguar Land Rover drivers to process payments at Shell stations in the UK, using the in-car touchscreen. Customers with the Shell app installed and a car with InControl Apps can connect their smartphone to the dashboard, allowing them to locate the nearest Shell station, confirm which pump they are at, and pre-authorise using Apple Pay or PayPal, so all the driver has to do is fill up, view the receipt and leave.

This long-standing collaboration between MOBGEN and Shell was initiated to create the consumer facing platform, Shell app. The app is now available in 30 countries worldwide in 18 languages for both Android and iOS users. We continue to work side by side to research the latest innovations, experiment with Shell at MOBGEN:Lab with 360 video, VR, AR, and other exciting customer and employee propositions.

The Shell app has been recognised with a 2017 GLOMO Award in the “Best Use of Mobile for Retail, Brands & Commerce” category at Mobile World Congress 2017.

“This great achievement recognises the significant team effort on Mobile over the last 5 years”, said Stuart Blyde, Senior Innovation Manager at Shell. “The big winners here are our customers who can fill up and go without getting their phone out of their pockets. For those in a rush with kids in the back of the car it’s simpler and less stressful; for those coming into the shop the queues will be reduced.”

“As we introduce services like mobile payment onto Connected Car platforms, starting with Jaguar Land Rover, we show our OEM partners that we are the leader on Digital in our sector. With our partnership approach with PayPal, Apple Pay for B2C and our forthcoming Digital Euroshell API for B2B, it’s proof that we can do big things together for our partner’s programmes and strategies.”


Ron Vrijmoet, CEO and founder of MOBGEN adds, “We are proud to have been involved in the development of this first-of-a-kind commercial solution with Shell and Jaguar. By collaborating closely together, we were able to use the latest technologies to deliver Jaguar Land Rover owners and Shell customers with the best possible user experience.”

To arrange an appointment to see this innovative in-car payment solution in action at Mobile World Congress, please contact Joanna Vos.

MOBGEN, part of Accenture Digital, prides itself as a strategic partner for global brands, helping to engage their customers and employees with mobile and creative technology. We aim to make mobile interaction easy, interactive and rewarding, so that users become loyal and lifelong brand-ambassadors. We do this by striking the right balance between strategy, creativity and technology.


In the summer of 2016 Accenture acquired MOBGEN to help expand its end-to-end mobility capabilities in Europe. With more than 200 mobile specialists working from four locations, Amsterdam, London, A Coruña and Malaga, MOBGEN helps companies to become more efficient, customer oriented and competitive by making the best use of the mobile channel in the B2C, B2E and B2B area.

About Accenture
Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With more than 394,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at

Accenture Digital, comprised of Accenture Analytics, Accenture Interactive and Accenture Mobility, offers a comprehensive portfolio of business and technology services across digital marketing, mobility and analytics. From developing digital strategies to implementing digital technologies and running digital processes on their behalf, Accenture Digital helps clients leverage connected and mobile devices; extract insights from data using analytics; and enrich end-customer experiences and interactions, delivering tangible results from the virtual world and driving growth. Learn more about Accenture Digital at

Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture. Any third-party names, trademarks or copyrights contained in this document are the property of their respective owners.

# # #

For more information, please contact Michiel Ebeling +31621275923
MOBGEN Amsterdam
Phone: +31206200923
Website :

Twitter: @mobgen
Facebook: MOBGEN
Youtube: MobGenAmsterdam


Smarties Awards 2016

Press Release December 2016.

MOBGEN is proud to announce that we took home two Gold awards from the MMA Smarties 2016 in London this November. The joint effort with Shell drove the Motorist App to the top spot, achieving gold for both Best App in Europe, and Best Mobile Payments.


The Shell Motorist App is available in 35 countries globally, 6 continents, in 18 languages, and connects to 15 back-end systems. The app keeps the user up-to-date with Shell loyalty offers, rewards, on site promotions, and the latest news and product information. The app makes it easier for users to collect points, receive personalised offers, find the nearest stations, and maintain their vehicles. The Shell Motorist platform was designed and created as a package of different business modules. The centralised content management system allows Shell to easily tailor the available content and answer to the different requirements of each market. It also connects the needs of each consumer to their unique environment without the need for App Store submissions.

“This is a great achievement as it recognises the significant team effort on Mobile over the last 5 years. The big benefactor here is our digital brand reputation. As we move our focus into enabling services like mobile payment onto Connected Car platforms, we give our OEM partners the confidence that we are the leader on Digital in our sector. With our partnership approach with PayPal, Apple Pay for B2C and our forthcoming Digital Euroshell API for B2B, it is proof that we can do big things together for our partners programmes.”

Stuart Blyde
Senior Innovation Manager – Shell

“This is great recognition for the persistence, hard work, and amazing teamwork of everyone in our great Shell/MOBGEN Motorist team. Mobile platforms will lead the future of relevant digital services and engagement for retail clients, and the Shell Mobile Motorist Program is one of the leading global platforms in that respect. We’re confident we’re able to further improve, together with the Shell team, relevant mobile services and engagement for Shell’s customers the coming years.”

Ron Vrijmoet
CEO & Founder – MOBGEN


The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB has just launched a new app, ANWB Vakantiehulp (Travel Assistance), which will help you be well-prepared for travel throughout Europe. Amsterdam-based mobile solution specialist, MOBGEN, was signed on to develop the app.

It’s free and a majority of the content is exclusive to members of the ANWB. Travelers can choose their holiday destination using the app and will be able to find information such as traffic information, travel news, local traffic rules, tips on what to bring that is legally required, what to do in an emergency, and more. In the event of an emergency, travelers will be able to use the app to directly call the local emergency services or the ANWB Emergency Centre. The app shows your exact location, so emergency responders can find you.

Bart Voorhuis, product manager at ANWB: “With this app, ANWB wants to further improve the service to its members on the smartphone. The app includes familiar ANWB information and advice for travelers (such as traffic information, unusual traffic rules, and country information), plus new features such as a call button with the local emergency numbers by country and location view all bundled into one convenient app that also can also be used offline for the most part. With the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, you go on holiday well prepared and carefree in 43 European countries.”

Michiel Ebeling, CCO MOBGEN: “We are pleased that we have developed this handy app for the members of the ANWB. With this first version of the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, help from ANWB is now more easily accessible throughout Europe. This should further increase the satisfaction of members of the ANWB services.”

The app is available for iPhone (iOS8 and above) and Android smartphone (Android 4.4 and higher) and can be downloaded in the stores. For more information on





We are proud to inform you that MOBGEN has found an exceptionally favourable and suitable new owner. The authoritative, leading and globally active Accenture has acquired all shares in MOBGEN and now owns 100% of the company. This is great news for our employees, our existing clients, and prospects because it now gives us the opportunity to remain ahead, to develop further and to achieve our shared aspirations.

The acquisition by Accenture also serves as recognition for how we’ve worked together with our clients. For the trust that our clients have placed in us. For the impressive applications and integrated solutions we have developed together. That is deserving of great thanks. It speaks volumes that a global, established company like Accenture has chosen an Amsterdam startup.

This partnership is truly complementary. With Accenture, we are expanding our end-to-end mobile approach and can start the business conversation within industries where mobile is mission critical, making it invaluable in driving digital transformation for these companies.
MOBGEN is a successful startup that thinks and develops from the perspective of the consumer experience 100 percent. Accenture wishes to expand and strengthen its end-to-end mobile approach. MOBGEN can now also offer that service to Accenture’s clients.

Hopefully, this won’t change our valued partnership, and we will simply continue as MOBGEN, now part of Accenture Digital. We will keep the same brand, culture and our operation from our offices in Amsterdam, A Coruña, Malaga, and London. The Management Team we will still be fully involved! While Accenture will add infused management, our leaders of the teams will remain in the same roles. What will change is the new possibilities and opportunities to grow even further. And naturally, our clients and prospect together with our employees will benefit greatly from that.


MOBGEN News June 2016.

In collaboration with MOBGEN, PLUS has launched an app to help customers do their shopping even faster.

PLUS aims to be the number one supermarket in the Netherlands, with the company’s turnover growth increasing greatly last year. Further optimisation of the omni-channel strategy is an important focus for PLUS, and to help better their customers’ shopping experience, PLUS has launched their consumer app on the most widely used digital channel, the mobile. The PLUS app lets you quickly and easily create a shopping list, order groceries, view promotions, and find the nearest PLUS supermarket.

Tamara Smith Zonneveld , e-commerce manager PLUS retail: “PLUS also has big digital ambitions. Last year, the e-commerce website was launched and the launch of the customer application is an important step in the further optimisation of the digital channel. Helping PLUS customers with a good smartphone app is a critical part of our growth strategy. I am therefore delighted that we are launching this mobile app with the combined team of PLUS and MOBGEN.”

Michiel Ebeling, CCO MOBGEN: “Together with PLUS and its customers, we have worked closely in recent months to realise this application. The team is very excited about the partnership and launch. We look forward to adding extra functionalities to the app to further inspire the PLUS customers, and to make grocery shopping easier. Helping the customer is central to everything we do for PLUS.”

PLUS and MOBGEN continue to work intensively this year to further optimise the mobile channel for PLUS customers and adding relevant services.

The app is available on iPhone and Android smartphones and free to download from the following links:

Apple or Google Play  


ANWB launches ‘Vakantiehulp app’

Press Release June 2016.

ANWB launches ‘Vakantiehulp app’ (Travel assistance app), developed by MOBGEN
The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB has just launched a new app: ANWB Vakantiehulp (Travel Assistance). With this app you will be well-prepared for travel throughout Europe. MOBGEN was signed on to develop the app.

The app is free and exclusive to members of the ANWB. Travellers can choose their holiday destination and will able to find the following information on the app: traffic information, travel news, local traffic rules, tips on what to bring that is legally required, what to do in an emergency, and more. If necessary, travellers will also be able to directly call the local emergency services or the ANWB Emergency Centre quickly and easily using the app. The app shows your exact location, so emergency responders know where you are.

Bart Voorhuis, product manager at ANWB: “With this app, ANWB wants to further improve the service to its members on the smartphone. The app includes familiar ANWB information and advice for travelers (such as traffic information, unusual traffic rules, and country information), plus new features such as a call button with the local emergency numbers by country and location view all bundled into one convenient app that also can also be used offline for the most part. With the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, you go on holiday well prepared and carefree in 43 European countries.”

Michiel Ebeling, CCO MOBGEN: “We are pleased that we have developed this handy app for the members of the ANWB. With this first version of the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, help from ANWB is now more easily accessible throughout Europe. This should further increase the satisfaction of members of the ANWB services.”

The app is available for iPhone (iOS8 and above) and Android smartphone (Android 4.4 and higher) and can be downloaded in the stores. For more information on you can visit the following website.


Download the app here: 




During the last week of May, the city of Amsterdam hosted the 11th annual TNW Conference, a technology gathering that brings together the world’s top technology leaders. As part of the tech week program, an initiative called Launchpad Meetups was organised to allow young creatives to pitch their revolutionary ideas inside the board rooms of corporate members to help them solve their innovation challenge. MOBGEN:Lab was one of the four creatives that got selected to pitch in front of the Port of Amsterdam supervisory board.


Every year, the Port of Amsterdam welcomes around 140 cruise ships with approximately 300.000 passengers who are warmly welcomed upon their arrival in the capital city of the Netherlands. The challenge that MOBGEN:Lab needed to solve was to showcase what experience and other possibilities ‘Augmented Reality’ could offer the passengers while cruising on the North Sea Canal. Travellers today are looking for an intuitive, rapid and personalised experience. Exploring new places is about getting inspiration and sharing this with friends and family. MOBGEN:Lab displayed how our modular framework HALO could use advanced image recognition technology to deliver engaging content, while also allowing users to create and share their own content. It’s the perfect tool to give the modern traveller superpowers and explore new content.


Our LAB team succeeded and was named WINNER of the innovation challenge that was supervised by the board! Being named winner of the challenge means that the LAB team will get further in touch with the business unit of the Port of Amsterdam before the summer to discuss how MOBGEN technology can play a vital role in solving their innovation challenge.


Watch a video of our winning case:


New update TOTO app

Press Release May 2016.

MOBGEN has released a brand new update for the TOTO app adding more new and exciting features to the Android and iOS apps and the mobile-optimised website! The Onvoorspelbaar section, previously known as Columns, now includes in-app messaging and promotions. Users can now receive notifications within their apps on new events, games, results and promotions.

Dave van Velzen, marketing manager of TOTO: For us it’s about an easy omni-channel experience for our consumer. It doesn’t matter where you are, we should always deliver quick access and very easy ways of playing our games. With around five thousand retail sales points and all the digital possibilities we’re always nearby the Dutch consumer.”

In-App messaging and promotions

These notifications are similar to the voucher codes that users are already familiar with. They offer a bigger variety of discounts, rewards and bonuses, and the users will be able to enjoy the promotions in both the Betslip and TOTO-13 where they can place their bets.


Onvoorspelbaar is the section where sports journalists and commentators from TOTO publish articles about games, players, and competitions. With this new update, they can now add rich content like YouTube videos and images to their articles to make them more interactive.

Point of Sale (POS) Success

The in-store (point of sales) devices, which were distributed last December have been a great success! Users are enjoying faster, more efficient and easier betting by using the Android app with the physical devices which are available in the Primera stores around the Netherlands. Due to great results, TOTO is planning to broaden their portfolio of games to be made available at the POS, so stay tuned!

For more information about the app, and to download the links to the app stores, click here.

To read the interview with TOTO’s marketing manager Dave van Velzen on TOTO’s omnichannel approach, click here.


Shell unveils the Shell Concept Car

Press Release April 2016.

Project M, the Shell Concept Car gives us ways to explore and to improve movement around our cities now and in the future.

Shell has collaborated with industry-leaders Gordon Murray Design and Geo Technology to co-engineer the design and build of an ultra-compact and energy efficient city car. As part of the connectivity team, MOBGEN was responsible for building the digital centrepiece of the Shell Concept Car.

The Shell Drive app is designed for fuel efficiency and fuel economy seekers, who want the maximum possible mileage for the fuel. For this project, MOBGEN has modified the Shell Drive app adding features like voice control, 3D driving feedback and an integrated music player which links to the vehicle to the smartphone, the driver, and the internet.

“This project aims to see just how good we can be with something manufactured today,” said Andrew Hepher, vice president of lubricant technology at Shell.

For more information about this innovative project, click here for the project website and here for an article by Shell.

For the international press release, click here.

Project M Twitter Facebook

Shell Concept Car Dashboard

Shell Concept Car Dashboard

Shell Concept Car testing

Shell Concept Car testing


Aegon invests in MOBGEN for customer connectivity

Press Release April 2016.

Aegon and MOBGEN team up for mobile first in financial services

Aegon has taken a minority equity stake in the mobile innovation specialist MOBGEN which develops mobile systems & applications for multinational companies, enabling them to connect digitally with their customers.

MOBGEN is a Dutch company founded in 2010 and has a presence in locations in Amsterdam, London, A Coruña and Malaga with over 150 experts in the team. MOBGEN develops and maintains state-of-the-art global mobile engagement platforms that include functionalities like mobile payment, cardless loyalty, augmented reality, IoT and location-based services. Over the past years MOBGEN has received significant industry recognition, most recently winning a ‘best of best’ Red Dot Award (the ‘Oscar’ for design) for interface and user-experience design of innovative mobile applications. MOBGEN turnover growth was 300% in the past three years.

MOBGEN supports our ambition to speed up our digital transformation, with FinTech projects that we believe in,” says Robbert Bakker, Chief Digital Officer of Aegon. “This long term strategic partnership with MOBGEN enables Aegon to make optimal use of the extensive knowledge and experience, and provides MOBGEN with access to expertise within Aegon. We are convinced this collaboration will create digital financial services that will help our customers organise their financial futures in a fun, easy and effective way.”

Ron Vrijmoet, Founder & CEO of MOBGEN is enthusiastic about the partnership with Aegon; “It’s a recognition of MOBGEN’s unique technical, security and design capabilities in the mobile solution space. Aegon will become one of our key clients, enabling us to extend our footprint in FinTech and to further develop our growth path towards global corporate clients wishing to optimise mobile engagement with their customers.”

This is not the first FinTech equity stake Aegon Netherlands has taken recently. Previous investments include EyeOpen, Newest Industry, OnnaOnna, Figlo and Kroodle. For typical venture deals Aegon operates since 2014 its global corporate venture fund Transamerica Ventures which is based in New York and Den Haag and invests in companies with scalable business models who already achieved a proof of concept.

For Aegon’s press release, please click here.

(Dutch Version)

Aegon investeert in mobiele technologie specialist MOBGEN voor klantencontact

MOBGEN en Aegon gaan samenwerken aan ‘mobile first’ in financiële dienstverlening

Aegon heeft een minderheidsbelang genomen in mobiele innovatie specialist MOBGEN, een snel groeiend bedrijf dat mobiele systemen en applicaties voor digitaal klantcontact ontwikkelt voor multinationals in de retail-, reis- en financiële-sector.

MOBGEN is een Nederlands bedrijf, opgericht in 2010 met vestigingen in Amsterdam, London, A Coruña en Malaga. Met een team van meer dan 150 experts ontwikkelt en onderhoudt MOBGEN mobiele ‘engagement’ platformen die de band tussen merken en consumenten versterken. De omzet van MOBGEN groeide de afgelopen drie jaar met 300%. Zij verzorgen onder andere mobiel betalen en de integratie van loyalty accounts in mobiele applicaties. Daarnaast levert MOBGEN oplossingen voor Augmented Reality en IoT. De afgelopen jaren heeft MOBGEN veel erkenning voor haar werk gekregen, onder andere als winnaar van de ‘Red Dot Award’, ook wel een ‘Oscar’ voor interactiedesign genoemd, voor het gebruiksvriendelijke ontwerp van innovatieve apps.

Rol in Fintech

MOBGEN past in onze ambitie om digitale versnelling te bewerkstelligen, met Fintech projecten waar wij in geloven“, aldus Robbert Bakker, directeur digitalisering bij Aegon. “Dit strategische partnership met MOBGEN stelt Aegon in staat om gebruik te maken van de ruime ervaring en kennis die MOBGEN bezit, tegelijkertijd heeft MOBGEN toegang tot de expertise binnen Aegon. We zijn er van overtuigd dat we samen nieuwe digitale producten kunnen ontwikkelen waarmee we klanten helpen hun financiën beter, makkelijker en efficiënter te regelen.

Ron Vrijmoet, oprichter en CEO van MOBGEN is enthousiast over het partnership met Aegon; “Het is een erkenning van MOBGEN’s unieke kennis en ervaring op het gebied van design, mobiele technologie en data- en systeemveiligheid. Aegon wordt een belangrijke klant van MOBGEN, en daarmee kunnen we onze toekomstige rol in FinTech aanzienlijk vergroten, ook richting andere grote bedrijven die unieke mobiele technologie oplossingen willen, om daarmee de dienstverlening aan klanten te verbeteren.


Aegon investeert al langere tijd in startende fintech bedrijven, waaronder EyeOpen, Newest Industry, OnnaOnna, Figlo en Kroodle. Voor deze investeringen heeft Aegon Groep sinds 2014 een investeringsfonds, gevestigd in New York en Den Haag. Het fonds investeert in veel belovende fintech bedrijven die al succesvol een eigen concept hebben neergezet.

Voor het persbericht van Aegon, klik hier.


Introducing Shell Connected Car API

MOBGEN Message March 2016.

Over the last 50 years, Shell has continuously been at the forefront when it comes to innovation into fuels, and is expanding this into the digital age with the Connected Car programme recently launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We live in a world where information is accessible at our very fingertips, and the main struggle that Shell customers are faced with is the waiting time at gas stations. Providing a simple, efficient, and more advantageous service via a digital drive through, is the way in which Shell is determined to revolutionise the welcome to Shell experience.

Refuelling can be stressful, and Shell is committed to improving the customer experience by initiating the Connected Car programme. The Shell Connected Car API is going to cover four key services that are currently available in the Motorist app, namely Station Locator, Fill Up and Go, Shell Drive and Loyalty. MOBGEN has developed these services from scratch, making them accessible for Motorist users around the world. MOBGEN is going to act as the technology partner to transfer these services into the Connected Car API. The aim will be to help customers organise their lives in an efficient manner, be able to pay for fuel quickly and seamlessly without getting out of their car and finding the nearest Shell Station.

Shell has put in a great deal of research into the Connected Car space, and found that this is a major step into the Internet of Things (iOT). The API will become available for third party developers to create their own connected car experience in order to service cars in the future.

For more information about the Shell Connected Car API, please click here. Or download the brochure directly here.


MOBGEN nominated for DIA & Ondernemingsverkiezing NH

MOBGEN Message March 2016

The Shell Motorist application is nominated for the Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) in the category Best Service. Fingers crossed for the award night on the 26st of May when the DIA awards are handed out.

And last week, MOBGEN was nominated for another Dutch award: de Ondernemingsverkiezing Noord-Holland. This award recognises companies for their entrepreneurial achievements. We are proud to say that we are amongst the ten finalists! If you think MOBGEN deserves recognition for the work we do, and want to help us win, then vote for us! Click here, fill in your email address, and vote for MOBGEN.

MOBGEN CCO Michiel Ebeling was invited, along with the other finalists of the Ondernemingsverkiezing, to open the Amsterdam stock exchange last Thursday morning, which was quite an experience!

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange

Opening of the Amsterdam stock exchange


ANWB signs MOBGEN for mobile apps

MOBGEN Press Release February 2016.

With over 4,3 million members and 4,843 employees, The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is the largest club in the Netherlands. ANWB offers a wide range of services in the areas of recreation, tourism and mobility. Additionally, the ANWB is active in lobbying in the fields of driving, mobility, travel and recreation.

ANWB has already introduced multiple apps to assist their members on the go. Optimising the service for their members via the mobile channel is key for ANWB’s digital strategy.

ANWB selected MOBGEN in February 2016 to support several mobile app projects. MOBGEN is looking forward to this partnership and is eager to help optimise the app portfolio and further improve the benefits for the end users.

(Dutch version)


In februari (jl.) selecteerde ANWB MOBGEN om verschillende mobiele app projecten te ontwikkelen. MOBGEN kijkt uit naar deze samenwerking en staat te popelen om te helpen bij het optimaliseren van ANWB’s app-portfolio en de voordelen voor de eindgebruikers verder te verbeteren.

ANWB heeft al meerdere mobiele applicaties geïntroduceerd om hun leden ‘on the go’ te helpen. Het optimaliseren van de serviceverlening aan leden via het mobiele kanaal is de sleutel voor ANWB’s digitale strategie.

Met meer dan 4,3 miljoen leden en 4.843 medewerkers, is de Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond ANWB de grootste club van Nederland. ANWB biedt een breed scala aan diensten op het gebied van recreatie, toerisme en mobiliteit. Daarnaast is de ANWB actief op het gebied van het rijden, mobiliteit, reizen en recreatie.



MOBGEN talks @

MOBGEN Message February 2016.

The MWG Mediacongres 2016 took place this month at the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam. The MWG congress is one of Holland’s biggest digital congresses, and this year’s edition was all about the many aspects of digital within the current and future media landscape. MOBGEN Chief Creative Officer, Nick Mueller was invited to speak about virtual and augmented reality, and MOBGEN’s vision on the future of mobile. Click here for more information about this topic.

Head of Technology, Luis Ollero and iOS team leader Pedro Morales went to the Málaga University to give a presentation about MOBGEN to the students of the Computer Engineering faculty. The students need to do an internship, and Luis and Pedro convinced them why MOBGEN is the best option to go for!



MOBGEN Press Release January 2016.

Evi van Lanschot specialises in providing online investment solutions, in which traditional investments are combined with modern technologies. Because clients want convenient access to their investments at any time and place, MOBGEN and Evi Van Lanschot have developed mobile platforms for tablets and smartphones.

After the release of the Evi tablet application in 2012, Evi Van Lanschot has recently released a brand new smartphone application, which allows their clients to access their investments at any convenient time or place. For these iOS and Android smartphone applications, MOBGEN delivered the UI/UX and developed a truly valuable, modern, and secure platform, providing relevant insights and giving Evi’s clients full asset control to meet their needs.

Andries van Luijk, Managing Director of EVI about the new applications: “With the release of the new Evi smartphone application we are offering an exciting, high-quality and secure application tailored to the specific needs of our clients. For Evi, the smartphone application is one of our most important interaction channels, as we currently already see 80% of our clients accessing Evi via their Smartphones”.

Evi van Lanschot apps

Evi van Lanschot apps

With the Evi Van Lanschot application, Evi customers have always access to their account and are able to view their entire investment portfolio at a glance on the dashboard. Direct insight into the value of all assets, in which classes is invested (equities, commodities, bonds, etc.), and how assets are spread over different regions. In addition, customers have access to expert information regarding investments, such as the development of their assets and revenue. Users can directly access detailed in-depth factsheets, and are able to easily perform transactions giving the users full control and flexibility over their assets and investments.

For more information, app store download links and visuals of the app, click here.




FLUX:FX nominated for the Global Mobile Awards

MOBGEN Press Release January 2016.

The Global Mobile Awards nominations have been announced, and the recipients will be receive their awards at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22nd – 25th February 2016). MOBGEN has been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Mobile Music App’ for FLUX:FX!

“Congratulations to all of the nominees of the 2016 Glomo Awards.” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “With more than 930 entries this year – a new record – the competition is greater than ever, reflecting the tremendous diversity and pace of innovation across the mobile world. We are particularly excited to be celebrating the 21st year of the awards with a dynamic new format that will recognise and honour achievements throughout Mobile World Congress.”

So fingers crossed for MOBGEN! See you in Barcelona?

Please find more information on the FLUX:FX app here.
Read the full press release of the Global Mobile Awards here.
A full list of nominees can be found here.


MOBGEN Press Release April 2015

Meld Misdaad Anoniem just launched digital platform in cooperation with MOBGEN.

In cooperation with MOBGEN, a new digital platform was launched by ‘Meld Misdaad Anoniem’ (M.). is an independent hotline to report anonymously, serious criminality and crime. Last year, M. reported in total 15.800 crimes to the police and other partners. Based on this information 1.922 suspects were arrested and 127 crimes were solved.

Until yesterday, all these tips were reported via telephone number 0800-7000. With the new digital platform, designed and built by MOBGEN, it is now also possible to report crime online, via a digital form. This form is optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop. The digital form helps you to easily report crime in a secure environment. The form will be sent encrypted to M. Only M. employees have the key to read this information, and send it to its partners. The forms will be destroyed afterwards and no information will be stored.

Ruud Smulders, Adjunct-Director NL Confidential: “Facilitating digital crime reporting is an important step to further build the numbers of crimes solved via anonymous tips. Our method is designed so that the information received by the police or other partners through M., cannot be traced back to those who have passed on this information and whether that is done online or by mobile phone. In this way we secure the detector remains anonymous.”

Michiel Ebeling, CCO MOBGEN: “We are very happy to launch this mobile optimized, secure digital crime reporting platform. With the new design of the website and the forms it will be easier for people to report crime at any time and everywhere on their mobile, tablet or desktop. I am confident this service can also be used to mobilize civilians to report crime for more specific purposes in the future, like i.e. reporting crime to conductors of the Dutch Railways (NS).”
The Netherlands is front-runner in Europe in facilitating such a secure crime-reporting platform. Therefore future European growth of the platform would be a logical next step.