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MOBGEN is a leading mobile solutions specialist. We help our clients to become more efficient, customer oriented and competitive by making the best possible use of the mobile channel, in the B2B, B2E and B2C space. Our expertise and working methods combining mobile strategy, technology and design have won numerous awards including a Red Dot Best of the Best Award, a Webby Honoree, a SAN (Integrated Marketing) Award, the Dutch Interactive Award, Mobile Media & Marketing Award and mobile FWA awards. At MOBGEN we live and breathe mobile.


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The work we do at MOBGEN has received outstanding recognition from the industry including Red Dot Best of the Best Award, The Webby Awards, DIA, MMMA, Red Herring Top 100, FWA, Accent Awards, European Business Awards and FD Gazellen.

MOBGEN’s views and comments on trends and innovations in the mobile industry. The Library stores articles, news releases, whitepapers and videos, created by our team of experts.

30 Nov

The Enso Methodology


Yoav Farbey

In the previous article of this series, it was noted how a small team at MOBGEN launched an internal project that focused on facilitating design sprints. This article is a little different, as it focuses solely on explaining how we reached the name for the project, and the reasons behind our final... Read more
15 Nov

Innovation in the Workplace


Yoav Farbey

Innovation in the workplace involves a culture that encourages the creation of new things. This can include an employee voicing a new idea, coming up with a concept, or creating a method to enhance the performance of a process, person, team or organisation. Innovation in the workplace is... Read more
31 Oct

Accenture Innovation Summit 2017


Loren Hakeney

The Accenture Innovation Summit is an event which brings together all the very best Dutch innovators, influencers and corporates. At the 11th edition of the Innovation Summit, we experienced inspiring levels of creativity and transformation. Of course, the Summit is also the home of the prestigious... Read more