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MOBGEN is a leading mobile solutions specialist. We help our clients to become more efficient, customer oriented and competitive by making the best possible use of the mobile channel, in the B2B, B2E and B2C space. Our expertise and working methods combining mobile strategy, technology and design have won numerous awards including a Red Dot Best of the Best Award, a Webby Honoree, a SAN (Integrated Marketing) Award, the Dutch Interactive Award, Mobile Media & Marketing Award and mobile FWA awards. At MOBGEN we live and breathe mobile.


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The work we do at MOBGEN has received outstanding recognition from the industry including Red Dot Best of the Best Award, The Webby Awards, DIA, MMMA, Red Herring Top 100, FWA, Accent Awards, European Business Awards and FD Gazellen.

MOBGEN:Lab is the research division of MOBGEN, set up to investigate disruptive innovation with a focus on mobile technology and interface. We have the ambitious aim to identify and map the trends across the design industry that will create changes in the way we interact with brands, products and places.

As MOBGEN we are experts in the fields of mobile strategy, creativity and technology, and we bring this expertise to bear on all our projects. Leading the way globally with our investigations and designs regarding the future of technology applications and interfaces is vital – we want to push the boundaries, to be the visionaries not the followers.

MOBGEN:Lab was created to focus on innovation, and to apply a structure and measurable output to our investigations. In conjunction with thesis students from TU Delft and HK Utrecht, MOBGEN:Lab is running research projects and building proof-of-concept products to test these innovations.

Through the MOBGEN:Lab blog we want to share our ideas, insights, knowledge and expertise about what excites us in the mobile design, development and strategy world.

5 Dec

Data Visualisation

Tom Power

In 2012, a US academic named Dr. Martin Hilbert estimated that the average person was bombarded with 174 newspapers worth of information each day. He also estimated that each individual contributed 6 newspapers of data back into the world each day. Contrast this with 2.5 pages of data that each... Read more
5 Dec

Web Summit 2016

Loren Hakeney

The Web Summit is Europe’s largest technology event, with over 50,000 attendees. We knew only one thing; we wanted to be a part of it. Discovering all things technology and innovation in the beautiful city of Lisbon, we were excited to be surrounded by all of the biggest names in tech, from... Read more
5 Dec

AIA Discussion Report

Mathijs Hoek

Accenture Innovation Awards Discussion The background for the discussion While companies are fully aware of the need to develop good-looking digital interfaces on both web and mobile to engage with their customers, a new trend is developing where users no longer need to access a company’s... Read more