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Flux by belew app

Flux by belew app


Flux by belew™ in a nutshell

FLUX by belew™ is an innovative new app that blends music and art into an interactive experience that never plays the same twice. Developed by MOBGEN for the acclaimed US musician Adrian Belew, FLUX is essentially a platform that links hundreds of musical tracks, audio snippets and art into a visual language that conveys his ideas and his avant-garde style into an intriguing app. Through a “roulette” of probability algorithms, FLUX by belew™ offers an infinite number of musical combinations to discover.

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Music. Art. Technology

While music is constantly changing, the way we listen has remained stagnant. Individuals download an album or a track and passively listen to it. Adrian Belew set out to provide music enthusiasts with a new, ever-evolving way to enjoy music that never plays the same way twice. With FLUX by belew™ the listener is never quite sure what will come next. Some songs will be short, combined with long tracks that have been cut into snippets, shuffled around and assembled in a new order. Music, art and technology combine in the app platform to explore a new way of delivering content.

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Listeners can favorite a track with the star icon in the top right corner so it has a greater chance of being played more frequently. FLUX saves the track to the favorites section of the app (accessed via the menu button) allowing the listener to play it at any time in the future. Capture the visuals and store them in the My FLUX section. Use them as wallpapers or share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. Create a community around the unique experiences within the app.

About Adrian Belew

The world’s greatest experimental whammy twang bar, czar rhino and stunt guitarist extraordinaire. With a resume that features some of the biggest names in music including Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, King Crimson, Talking Heads, Paul Simon and Tori Amos, Adrian is famous for pushing the boundaries of the guitar in both technical and tonal exploration.

Wadsapp, iOS & Android app

Wadsapp, iOS & Android app


Wadsapp in a nutshell

De Waddenfederatie (a partnership between the Dutch national tourist office, VVV, and the “Wadden”-islands) collaborated with MOBGEN to develop two apps to promote and getting more out of your visit to the two most popular tourist destinations in The Netherlands: Texel and Terschelling.

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Your personal journey

WadsApp Texel and WadsApp Terschelling, show the user everything there is to do, see, hear and taste on the “Wadden”-islands. Both applications have many features that contribute to a unique experience while visiting the islands. Users can select their interests and the filter activities is matching with the profile of their tour group.

WadsApp Texel and WadsApp Terschelling will offer the visitor a personalized list, including daily tips for trips, events, activities and nice places. In addition, the home screen can be manually customized with your favorite sections, making the app even more tailored to the interests of the user.


Custom travel tips

The ‘Smart apps’ make it possible to completely customize your visit to the islands. Get personalized information and updates on museums, nature, shopping, food and drinks, and much more; all pre-selected based on your interests, Travel Company and “request for action”.

Timeline feature
It is possible for the user to keep track of all activities by means of a diary. By the input of user generated content, the favorite moments of the user’s vacation can be displayed in a timeline. The user can share his favorite destinations, activities and photos with geo-tag on social media and/or print them as an island-themed postcard.

See & do
The apps provide visitors with extensive information about attractions, shops, restaurants, excursions, cycling and walking routes (also available online). Depending on the chosen route, these include videos, descriptions and sounds of birds.

Typical Texel
The apps are packed with information about the Texel and Terschelling culture: the dialect, ‘did- you-know -facts’, cultural history, tall tales, and an overview of local and island news. In addition, the section ‘not to miss ‘ provides a summary of all available activities on the islands.

In case of emergency
Finally, the app has a list of important phone numbers (click- to-call) , emergency transportation and AED locations.

Objectives and results

The Wadsapps are developed with the aim of attracting more tourists, optimally inform and connect the different interest groups and promote the islands.

The app was launched in November 2013. The unique built-in features and the rich amount of content that is also available offline is very well received in the app stores: Wadsapp Terschelling received an average rating of 5 stars, Texel got 4.5 in the Apple App Store. In the Google Play store both apps get an average of 4 stars. Based on the feedback and reviews the app will be optimized further in the future.

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